Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 23 2-29-16 Plaza Hunicul

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

This week we had a ton of lessons. Exequiel called us and said that he wants to be baptized on Saturday the 5!!! We were doing planning for that which was fun. He is super awesome. We have another investigator Carla and she is ready to get baptized, she goes to church and has had all the lessons but isnt married......but she has 3 kids and has been with her guy for 12 years!! So thats our big problems right now. hahaha On Tuesday, Elder Bednar was in Buenos Aires and talked to all of south of america. (6000 people) it was super cool. He was trying to talk Spanish and lets just say it wasnt the best. It was super good tho. He talked about a ton of good stuffs! He talked about how when we pray for something we need to act also.

We had lunch with Flia Baquer and they have a Little kid Thiago. He is 4 i think. We were doing stupid little magic tricks and he was like you guys can do that because you have a power of god. It was super funny hahaha He is also dancing and beatboxing too. Its awesome.

Well that's about it this week. Really good week but nothing really exciting! Just the life of a missionary. Oh yeah we have transfers this Saturday so I'm hoping I stay here!!! Well hope you all have a good week. Love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Dad,  we always have big lunches with members and then in the night we will do the same thing or buy a Little steak because we have a lot of money because we don't have to buy lunch stuff.They have kisocos everywhere so we just go to those. The restaurants are in centro which isn't our area. They don't use chifa. They just say restaurante de china or comida china. 

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