Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 68 1-09-17 Centenario

This week was good. We had a hard time finding our investigadores and also lost a couple. Lucas told us that we can't go by anymore because his parents don't wants us to...he is 20 but he lives there and they pay for his school. It's a bummer because he is a super cool kid and had a ton of good questions. I loved teaching him. One day he will be baptized!!

We had Training with President on Saturday which was really awesome. I learned a ton. We talked about repentance and that it all has to do with a desire and action. That every time that we change to be better we are repenting! It was really cool.

A funny story this week was we were walking and 2 guys that were drinking and smoking weed called us over. They started asking us questions and the one was super excited and the other was gone!! haha They were talking super argentine. like, Che boludo ¿que haces aca vos? don't you guys have huge houses there hahah he was using a ton of slang and after, I asked my comp what he understood and he looks at me and says Nothing! hahah

Well i love you guys!!

Elder Nielson

Nathan as a cow hahaha 

Apple pie that Fabian made!!

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