Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week 87 5-22-17 Esquel

Its snowwing!!!! I'm not in California.....but its super awesome for right now.

So this week we had some really good lessons. We were able to find some investigators that we taught a long time ago. We had the interview for Fabian but he didn't pass but we have this week to help him get ready. We did a fast as a zone which was super awesome! Everyone is really working and giving everything to baptize!! 

Funny story... Sunday we were walking to look for an investigator and Elder Bustamante says´´ Man I forgot my plaque´´. We were already far from the pension so I said I would give him one of mine and no one would know the difference. He was giving a talk also so when the President looked at his plaque to write his name. He wrote Elder Nielson so we are siting in the meeting and when they called his name to talk. They called him Elder Nielson hahahahaha 

Well this week we have the baptism of Fabian so we hope everything goes as planned!!! Love and miss you guys!!

Elder Nielson

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