Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 98 8-7-17 San Martin de los Andes

This week i got to see Presidente a ton. We went to Neuquen and had a super good and long training with Presidente and all the leaders of the of the mission. I got to see Elder Shumway. He is a capo!! They talked a lot about the obedience and the importance of it. If we want blessings from the Lord we have to be obedient to every commandment that he gives us. 

We had a little days to work but we were able to find a lot of new people. Everyday was a hard day and we didn't have much success until the last hour. It was hard but i have learned that id we are diligente. The lord will always bless us. We are working with our investigators but i think that we are going to have to drop some of them. Valeria is doing great. She has started to do all of the extra studies that are in the back of the pamphlets and in those days. She quit smoking for 2 days but she started again....... its super hard because i want to help her but she has to do it herself.

Last Pday we went to a Look Out and we took Mate cocido and sandwichs! It was super dope. I felt super Argentino. It was super pretty!! I love it here in San Martin.

Well thanks for everything!!

Also when we were in Neuquen. The shower was broken so we had a hose outside and we took showers outside. It was freezing....hahaha Another day in Argentina!!! 

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