Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 91 6-19-17 San Martin de los Andes

I'm really good. Enjoying beautiful San Martin. We had snow this week but it melted the same day. The mountains do have a ton of snow and its pretty awesome. The area is good. We have some good investigators and we should have a good amount of baptism this transfer. We are working with a couple of less active families that have people that can be baptized. One family has the wife called Valeria. They came to church this week but we are waiting for her husband to get divorced and then they have to get married......Welcome to Argentina hahah

They have Fathers day here too. Yesterday we ate with a father and we had a feast hahah We had Locro, Empanadas, and chichen and chorizo!!! Locro is a stew that they make here. Its super traditional and has a little bit of everything haha a ton of different meats, beans, and a lot of squaw. 

The ward is really big and a lot of people to help us which is going to be great!! The conference with Elder Maynes in Bariloche was awesome. We took a private bus with all of the missionaries in the south at 3 in the morning. I have slept a ton on buses this week haha Elder Maynes talked a ton about Opening Our Mouth. The way he teaches is super great. He talked about doctrine and then how to apply it and then doctrine again! I love it!! 

Well Love you all!!!

Elder Nielson

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