Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 92 6-26-17 San Martin de los Andes

This week we had a lot of work! We were able to put 2 new fechas and they are both part member families. We have a lot of investigators here that are part member family which is great. It makes the work so much easier sometimes. The 2 new fechas are Kiara who has 9 and Melani who has 11. They are super awesome. We have been contacting a ton and we have found a good amount of new investigators. We also found a black dude that is from Haiti but lived in US and Brasil and now Argentina. It was great to be able to talk with him and we have a cita to visit him again.

I had to go to Neuquen to renew my ID because I'm here illegally right now hahah We traveled 6 hours and 6 hours to return and we were there for 4 hours hahaha. 

We have been teaching a kid called Enzo who is also progressing a lot. He is 20 and believes in God but he doesn't haha He has been reading and praying so he should be baptized soon. Well that was my week!! We also had a lot of sucks haha 

Love you all!

Elder Nielson

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