Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 38 6-13-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was another good week. The weather was nice with the sun. Its still cold but it's nice for working. We have been teaching a lot which is super nice. It's awesome to see the blessings  come when you are working hard. We have a lot of good people so we will see!! Juan is doing good! The problem is that he works on Sundays so we are going to see if he can change it so he can go to church. Our other investigators are still new so we hope we can get them all to church this week.

This transfer I have been trying to have more patience with the people. Its been something that I have had to work on because its frustrating when you are telling someone something good and they don't want to listen. Also when they say they don't understand you and you know they do.

This week we had a contact with an old investigator we were talking and she couldn't understand me which was super frustrating. (Almost everyone understands me now) I was really mad and just stopped talking and then I prayed and asked God for help. After,  I was able to talk clearly and we had a super good lesson. God really helps us with our challenges.
We can also play Futbol now!!!!!
Well miss and love you all!!!
Elder Nielson

Bathroom pic!!

The frost in the like 10 in the morning. The sun doesn't come up till 8:30

walking in our area!!

Papa Fritas

I found a license plate!!!!

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