Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 40 6-27-16 Neuquen Progreso

Hey this week was a little slow but good. We had 4 days that we couldn't find anyone but the other days were really good. We have a lot of good investigators but its hard to get them to church. We have an investigator Nico. He is super cool dude and we are working with him a lot. Juan we haven't been able to find, or he has been busy with his daughter. Other than this nothing much new.

We got a lot of crap for losing to Argentina in the Copa America. We had like 4 drunk dudes come and talk to us though out the week and say random stuff. Its funny to me because they just lost yesterday so now we can say what happened with Chile haha .

We made some empanadas this week and they were super good! 

Well love you all and hope you guys have a good week!!

Elder Nielson



The coldness!! 

The top of our area in the tomas

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