Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 7 11-9-15 Rincon de los Sauces

So the first like three days we stayed in Neuquen because my companion Elder Bursach(from Lehi, Utah) is a district leader and they had a big meeting on Friday. My area is Rincon de los Sauces. It's at the top of the mission at the border of Mendoza. The church has only been there for 2 years so the work is going crazy right now. Its a little branch of like 50 people. The church is in the 2 story building like 10 minutes from the pension(boarding/apartment). All the missionaries told me that the work is great there and we will be baptizing a ton of people. The members are all super nice and we have had lunch everyday. We also have a member that does our laundry so that's a score. My area looks like southern Utah. Its all dirt roads beside like 3 main roads. Its amazing how happy everyone is when they have like nothing. I have already started to love everyone. We haven't taught a lesson yet because no one has been home and we haven't been super organized because its been a busy week so I'm super excited for this week and to start doing the Lords work. I have been reading everything is spanish and i cant feel it helping. In church  I didn't understand anything. That's how the first day was. But I am slowly starting to understand words if its one on one. I told my companion to just talk to me in Spanish because the first day he was speaking English. I have been cleaning my shoes everyday so they last and look nice. Rincon does that beautiful sunsets its awesome. The food is also amazing! They always have meat which i love and this saturday we have asada so I'm super excited for that.I sometimes think i am in Glamis because a lot of people ride motorcycles haha Its a great place. I cant wait till i can understand and speak to the people. I have got to say since i got here. I have a totally different desire to learn the language. Well everything is going good. Love you all!!

I don't have anything pictures this week because we went to a zone pd in Cutral Có and i forgot my camera. So next week i will send a lot. That's awesome that Kate is undefeated. Good luck in CIF. I only have like an hour to email so my spelling may be bad hahah Correct it for me please!! They said that packages always get here but they can cost a lot if they are big. So if you want to sent small packages its okay:)

I forgot to tell about the weather. Its hot like California summers but there is usually a little wind so its not too bad!!  

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