Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 10 11-30-15 Rincon de los Sauces

Hey fam!!!
This week was another great week. Yi Boy got another baptism!! The kid that we baptized is a stud too.Well this week seemed really fast too!! We were able to teach a lot of people this week. We have been trying to get some new investigators so we visited a ton of the people that we had contacted. Sadly no one was home or they were ¨busy¨. Thats the nice way for people to say we dont want to talk to you haha but everyone one is so nice about it here. Rincon is awesome because its a small town and everyone is really chill. We had like three storms this week but it only rained for like an hour and it was during our language study!! The weather has been pretty nice but then on Saturday and Sunday it started getting hot again. We taught Santi who is one of Eyners friends. The kid I baptized last week. He is a stud. He is always inviting his friends to lessons and already doing missionary work So we had him pray about being baptized last week and he said he had this warm feeling and felt the spirit. This week he was way more interested in the lessons and he got baptized on Sunday!!! Elder Bursach got to baptize him so that was really awesome. We also had a primary program this week.....and oh my gosh the kids here are crazy!!! I had the biggest head ache Sunday because I'm trying to focus to understand the language and then the kids were so loud hahaha We had an awesome lesson this week with Gerson. We taught him about prophets and going to church. He said if he found out that there was a true prophet he would drop everything for it. We talked about prayer and I got to talk a lot and understood almost everything. The gift of tongues is true!!! haha It was my best lesson. I hope we can have more of those!! We taught Mateo, Lautaro and Rodrigo too. They are 14, 13, and 9. They are super funny and studs Hopefully Lautaro gets baptized this week. He always remembers stuff and we asked him to pray so hopefully!! 
Well this week was good and this next week should be another great week. 

Love you all:)

I miss Thanksgiving. I hate you for having deep fried turkey, wings and pumpkin pie....Some elders in Cutral Co had a member make them a pumpkin pie too. I love the food here but i miss american food!!!  That's crazy that Mckenzie is already leaving and that I have been out for 2 months. The language is getting better but I am still having a hard time getting Elder Bursach to speak Spanish all the time...I miss the Martinez too but I am having fun here. We always stop and play futbol with the smaller kids. Its super fun!! Can you send some pictures every week of stuff during the week?
 Love you guys and miss you!!!

Santi and Elder Bursach at his baptism.

We had some sweet sunsets this week!!

Rincon from the Cristo Statue

Elder Mccutcheon(ZL) and I up at Cristo

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