Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 8 11-16-15 Rincon de los Sauces

This week was good but rough! We didn't teach a lesson till Thursday so we did a lot of walking....haha Im glad my shoes are nice and not Payless shoes like Chad hahaha I was getting down and thinking come on let me see how it is to teach a lesson and i asked god to help me teach a lesson. That afternoon I was thinking and i remember a quote from Elder Bednar, he said This mission isn't about you, your success, or what you want. Its about the people you are serving! That was a huge reminder that when its hard to keep going because there maybe one person that i can help. That helped me get though this week. So we taught Erynor on thursday who is a 13 year old and goes to church every Sunday by himself. He is getting baptized on Sunday!! On Wednesday we had a huge storm and it hailed and it was the size of marbles!! It was crazy!! There was also a crazy sunset that night. The sky looked like fire. I love the sunsets here!! Mom you would think they are so awesome. I'm going to send some pictures today of them.
  So we finally had asado on saturday! Saturday was the The day of tradition so the branch had a big party. It was super fun and they did a couple of songs and dances. They had chorizo but it was in the form of a big hotdog like a the ones we have that start with a B haha I cant remember what they are called. It was super bomb!!! After the party we went and did service. We had to dig up the poop pipe haha and add some attachment to get. When we took off the pipe some poop came out hahaha so that was fun!! So that took like 3 hours so that was most of our day. Another funny story so we were walked down the street and this random guy was like do you know how to tye a tie and we were like ya! So i got to tye his tie right there in the street. It was a funny experience! 

Some more stuff about my pension. So we have hot water, ac and a heater so thats super nice! Its a pretty nice pension for Argentina. Yeah not understanding people is rough. It wasn't bad at first but i hate it now haha We had a zone meeting last week and the ZL is a gringo and i could understand like everything but when the natives talk its way harder to understand...Its like a totally different language but I'm starting to get words. I heard about the gay lesbian thing but it doesn't seem like the Argentina people care much about it but I may be wrong because i cant understand everything.  . Mom the food is super good here. I love it. The dulce de leche is sooo bomb!!!!! Its my favorite! For Pday last week we played futbol which was fun so i have a lot of improvement haha Its fun tho. Oh yeah i taught a kid how to say some things in English, so i will send a video of it hahaha we are teaching him and two other chicos his age Well that's about it! Love you all and miss you!!

Dad I have tried to think that same way about the people! We have a couple areas in Rincon that are super poor. Its awesome to see how they are still so happy tho. I have tried to have the same attitude. That's fun that you guys went to the Reign game. I can't believe that this was Tanners first time seeing a hockey fight hahaha. That's awesome that they still remember the hotdog at the Volleyball games!! That's great haha Im jealous that they have a football field now. How did Rancho's football team do this year? I can't believe Osos Water Polo lost. That's crazy and a bummer for Tanner. Well love you and thanks for everything!!

I tried sending more pictures but the internet is super slow sorry and I'm out of time!! I will send more next week first while I'm writing:)

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