Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 9 11-23-15 Rincon de los Sauces

We Had Our First Baptism(Voice From the Best Two Years)

So this week was a super awesome week!! On Monday I got my first Mate and Boca Jersey!! So we started off the week good. We had a least one lesson a day and then on Thursday night we had to go to Cutral Co again for a training with the APs. That night was the worst....So we got to the pension and the APs were there so we had to sleep on the cold tile ground!!!! I had a towel to lay on and then luckily I bought my sheet but it was still freezing. I slept for like an hour and then woke up and couldnt get warm. They had a little heat so i moved over by it and slept for like 30 minutes and then would wake up hahaha i will remember that!! 
So the training was good. It was about how when we are obedient we receive blessings from God. Which is so true. A guy in the MTC said When you are obedient you receive blessings but when you are exactly obedient you receive miracles!! Its soo true. So awesome story that goes perfect with that. On saturday we had to do a baptism interview for one of the Hermanas investigators named Isi and her had mom said she couldn't be baptized. So we had started a fast the afternoon. So we meet with her and she stills says no but says she will go to church. Next day she comes to church and after Elder Bursach talks with her and she says she isn't going to her other church but to our church and that she wants to know more about baptism. That right there is a miracle. 
Sunday we also had a baptism for Eryner our investigator and i got to dunk him!!! It was a greatest experience ever. When we got in the water I was super nervous and the water was way cold. As I started to say the words of the prayer, the water got really warm and the spirit was super strong. It was such a cool experience!! I also was reading an Ensign that Shelly sent me and it was about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. One cool thing I learned about the fall of Adam was that God had to give him the choice to choose the fruit or be cast out. If he hadn't he wouldn't have been using his free agency. I had never thought about that so it was cool. 
This weeks weather was really weird. It was super stormy. A member said its because El Nino is going to hit us!! He said it already hit Peru so that should be interesting. Has the surf started getting big again? 
Well this week was a great week and this next week we have at least one baptism but we may have 3 more if they are ready. I'm pumped for this week. I'm sending a ton of photos from the last couple weeks. 

Love you all!!

Dane and Andrew in Buenos Aires

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